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A web design studio creating smart and beautiful websites for companies in Stockholm and around the world
What and how
Studio Fridan makes custom made, mobile friendly websites for companies who want their digital appearance to look and feel outstanding

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Most projects start with a meeting with the client - online or IRL - to get a thorough overview and to ensure that we are on the same page regarding the project's/website's vision and goals.
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Design & Content

What do you want to communicate? What content, colors, fonts should be used? What feeling should the user get from visiting your site? We set the style and determine how long the project should take.
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Finally, it's time to build. We integrate plugins and build the site from scratch - custom made to your needs and always with a responsive design - meaning it will work on all screen sizes.
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Final Touch
We check in and make sure that both are happy with the result. Final adjustments are made and you'll be provided with a "how-to" guide to your new website. WOHOU!

All websites are custom-made in Wordpress, making it easy for my clients to make changes themselves when the website is handed over.

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Environmental tech startup
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Carelli Assistans
Personal assistance company
Figma sketch
Startup for writing your own book
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Kiladalens GK
Golf club and activity center
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Anna Löfdahl
Author and Journalist
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Recreation and activity center
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Malin Svanholm Yoga
Yoga teachings and courses
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Caroline Roberts Art
Artist and art exhibitions

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Kind words
by kinder people

"I can warmly recommend Frida. Skilled, easy to work with and very service-oriented. Someone to rely on when new problems arise, which is often the case when it comes to web development ; )"

Marlena Batist

"Frida was responsive to my wishes and delivered a well thought through proposal. The process of creating my website was smooth and pleasant with respect for each other's areas of knowledge. Frida highlights my art at the same time as it works well from the visitor's point of view. I would gladly recommend Frida to others who are in need of an uplifting website."

Caroline Roberts
Caroline Roberts Art

"Frida was easy to work with. She works independently and is flexible as well as pedagogical."

Cecilia Falkeborn
Carelli Assistans

"Frida did a fantastic job of designing our UX / UI. She presented several different proposals and has a fingertip feeling for design. It was fun to work with Frida and she was very accommodating towards us as customers."

Josefine Grane



Hello! I'm Frida - the founder or Studio Fridan. I'm also a previous golfer, raw food chef, food truck owner, American college athlete and yoga nerd.

I studied exercise science at University of Delaware and further on got more into design - which led me to Hyper Island.

Today I'm a freelancer looking to help clients grow their business through beautiful, smart websites.

Have a question or want to get started with your next website project?

Studio Fridan would love to hear from you and make something great together!

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